Welcome to YWAM Trinidad and Tobago

YWAM Trinidad and Tobago’s Vision:

To see passionate youth, influencing their world with God




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DTS 2016 Information

                                                         Youth With A Mission

                                                T  r  i  n  i  d  a  d  &  T  o  b  a  g  o

                  P.O. Box 9186, National Mail Centre, Piarco Trinidad, West Indies.

Tel: 1-868-669-8870  E-mail: ywamttdir@yahoo.com  Website: www.ywamtt.com

YWAM Presents – A Transforming Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School (DTS)


  • March 14th, 2016 – August 5th, 2016


YWAM Trinidad & Tobago Las Lomas Campus

Purpose:  To see each student’s life transformed, growing in a deeper love relationship with God and others, eventually impacting their home, community,  nation and the world with God.

Qualifications ?

18 years and over; all you need is:

  •  Passion for God
  •  Love for people

Anyone who desire to know God in a deeper personal way,  This school is for you. Apply Today!

For more information please contact us at the number or e-mail address above.

Thank you for your interest in the Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) here in Trinidad and Tobago. The primary goal of the Discipleship Training School is to “Know God and make Him known.” The school is designed to prepare the Christian to impact all the spheres of society and the nations of the world.  There is a strong emphasis on Christian character development and personal application of God’s Word.


   The vision of Youth With A Mission Trinidad and Tobago is to see     

                   Passionate youth, influencing their world with God

 It is because of this vision that we are building a whole facility designed for youth with   sports, arts and survival camps as well as ropes courses and zip lines on 72 acres of land. We feel this will be a great place to lead our youth into godly values by using active learning experiences. By the completion of this facility we will be able to host 300 local youths every week for a camp experience as well as secondary school groups during the week and weekends. Through these programs we feel that we will be able to see the vision of our youth impacting this nation in a positive way.

We feel that this DTS has a fourfold focus. Along with the personal growth of each student we want to see:

  • This generation of believers develop a greater passion and love for God his word and people.
  •  Serving as transforming agents in all spheres of society, as well as bring the gospel to those who have never heard.
  • Young people with a long-term vision of seeing our youth excited for God through camps, school ministries, arts and short term outreaches
  • Young people use their God given passions, gifts and callings to reach their world, with the ability to be able to discern and walk in a biblical worldview.

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 5-month program divided into two phases: a three-month lecture phase followed by a 2-month outreach phase. A person entering a DTS should come with the intention of participating fully in both phases of the school. In order to make the DTS available to as many people as possible we have made the lecture phase fee on a sliding scale based on the income of your country. Please contact us for the rate that you will be required to pay.

The idea for Youth With A Mission was born in the Caribbean: in 1956, 20 year-old Loren Cunningham lay upon a missionary’s bed in the Bahamas and God poured out a vision of waves of young people, surging onto the continents of the world with the Gospel. The vision later turned to a reality as he began YWAM in 1960 and started to mobilize young people for missions.  In 1964, the young and fledging organization picked 30 Caribbean islands from the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic for its first Summer of Service outreach. It was there that God proved Himself greater and confirmed that Youth With A Mission was his plan and idea.


We believe that now is God’s time to visit this region and the Mission with a fresh, new wave of His Spirit. We believe that this is a very strategic time as we see the vision of YWAM Trinidad and Tobago of seeing young people moving forward with a heart for the youth and the un-reached of this world. We know that as you take part in this school that God will meet you in a new and powerful way. That your life and the lives of the students that you come in contact with will be changed.


Course Content

I           Lecture phase


The first three months of the DTS include the following:


  1. Classroom Curriculum– You will receive powerful teachings from Christian leaders and experience missionaries on a variety of topics such as: the character and ways of God; the teachings of Jesus and spiritual discipline; prayer, fasting, hearing God’s voice: relationship with God and others: worship and intercession: evangelism and world missions: the value and mission of the local church.
  2. Life groups– the purpose of life groups are:
    1. To build deeper relationship with Life group leader and students
    2. To create an opportunity for students to ask questions regarding the teaching and share what God is doing in their lives.


  1. Intercession Groups– Intercession is prayer where we place ourselves in a position of identification with existing needs, seek the Lord direction on how to pray, and seek His intervention in that particular situation.
  2. Ministry Preparation-Learning songs, dance, mimes, and skits to be used on outreach
  3. Personal Reflection-time alone with God
  4. Required Reading- set up to compliment the classroom curriculum.
  5. Work Experience-for ten hours per week you will enjoy being part of the YWAM family by working alongside our staff in various job responsibilities.


II         Outreach Phase


It is the policy of our staff that each school must pray and hear God speak to them as a unit about where He is sending them. It should be noted because of the focus of our ministry of sending out teams to the un-reached in the 10/40 window and because of the population break down of Trinidad and Tobago our focus has been and will continue to be the continent of Africa, the country of India as well as the Caribbean Islands.  We will also be doing ministry within Trinidad and Tobago We also know we need to stay open to the Lord for his direction for other nations that might be on God’s heart.  The outreach phase is around 2 months and is intended to fulfill the following purpose:


  1. Impart international vision for world evangelism
  2. Provide an opportunity for practical application of the lecture phase teachings
  3. Provide a positive evangelism experience
  4. Serve, support and encourage the local church and the YWAM base


In the outreach phase students may be involved in evangelism, mercy ministries, local discipleship, and support ministries. You will have the opportunity to share Christ’s love in various ways: child evangelism, drama, music, sharing testimonies, church, hospital, and prison ministry, and particle help to the poor, needy, local churches and the local YWAM base. The outreach will take place in cooperation with local churches and will be coordinated with other YWAM bases.


DTS Outreach country and people focus.





The Caribbean


And anywhere else as the Lord leads us

The outreach environment can range from pioneer situations to established bases. The location of the outreach will vary from school to school

At the conclusion of the outreach, there will be one week of debriefing. This week is intended to give an opportunity for:

  1. Thanks and praise for all that God has done during the DTS
  2. Sharing experiences of the DTS with one another
  3. Recognition of the students successful completion of the DTS program through an evening of celebration and graduation.
  4. Preparation for both the mental and emotional adjustment that students may encounter on their return to home, work, and church.
  5. Final evaluation of attaining of goals
  6. Re-commitment to discipleship


III After the DTS experience

Upon the completion of the DTS there are numerous opportunities to serve as a fulltime staff member with one of the nearly 1200 Youth With A Mission centres around the world. Youth With A Mission is a missionary training centre, and we strongly encourage all of our staff and students to consider God’s call into world evangelization and discipleship
DTS curriculum includes…

* God’s Nature & Character
* God’s Intention for Individuals, People & Nations
* God’s Redemption – Sin & the Cross
* God’s Family – His Children & Church
* God’s World – His Call & Commission
* YWAM – a response to God, knowing God and making Him known

Specific Topics include…

* God’s nature & character

* Passion
* Father HEART of God
* Identity & Destiny in Christ
* Hearing the voice of God

* Family Life

* Dealing with the past
* Worship: the intimacy, essence, identity, and creativity in worship
* Relationships
* How to study the Bible:
* Missions & Evangelism
* Biblical Worldview
* Spiritual Warfare & Intercession


YWAM also offers many other courses around the world that will be open to you after completion of the DTS.


Some of the specific staff  needs at YWAM Trinidad & Tobago are:

  • Accountant
  • Drama/Acting and film production
  • Administrator
  • Youth/Children’s ministry staff
  • Outreach staff (taking out youth groups on short term missions trips)
  • DTS staff
  • Mobilizers (leading foreign missions trips)
  • Building staff ( we will be in a building mode for at least another 4 years in order to build everything that we see needed on this campus)
  • Kitchen Cooks
  • Office/Administrative staff
  • Trade teachers (auto-mechanics, carpenters, welders, etc.)
  • Maintenance, grounds and garden staff
  • Communications personnel
  • Hospitality
  • Bible School for the Nations staff
  • School of Acting and Film Making staff

IV Some Practical things about YWAM Trinidad and Tobago:

YWAM Trinidad and Tobago was birthed in the year 2000 with a vision to reach the youth of Trinidad and Tobago as well as the youth of the Caribbean. We have purchased 72 acres of land to build a whole youth facility with horses, ropes courses, zip lines, swimming pools, etc. Not all of these things have been built yet but we are trusting God, that as we keep following Him these things will become a reality. We already have five houses built on the campus along with a volleyball court, basketball court and a football field and a challenge course with climbing walls etc.. But we are very much in the pioneering stage so things are happening and constantly changing so please visit our web site for all of the new things that are being added (www.ywamtt.com).

Upon acceptance:

Once we get all of your paperwork in we will send you a  letter of acceptance along with all of the things that you will need to bring as well as a letter for immigration in order to get into the country. Till all of your paperwork is in we can not process your file. Because in some cases it may take up to 6 months to get a passport we would recommend that if you do not have a valid passport that you start to work on that immediately. It also should be noted that many countries that we travel to on outreach require the passport to be valid at least 6 months after the person leaves the country. So make sure your passport is valid for at last six months.

In order to come to the school and enter the country of Trinidad and Tobago you will need to have a round trip ticket from your home and back. The dates on the ticket should cover the lecture phase and outreach phase and will vary for each school. Please before purchase contact the office for exact dates.

Contact information:

Please send all of your correspondence and paperwork to


School office

P.O. Box 9186

Nationl Mail Centre,
Piarco Trinidad, West Indies

E-mail us  @ ywamttdir@yahoo.com

For more information please contact YWAM Trinidad & Tobago Office at Tel: 868-669-8870

YWAM Trinidad & Tobago Director: Shamus James

Cell: 868-348-5643

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Our new website is up!

We are excited to announce that our new website is up and running. We are still waiting for Google and the other search engines to index it and cache it correctly. Hope you enjoy it.

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New Generation Discipleship Training School (DTS)

DTS starts January 2013 and ends June 2013

For more information about the DTS and application, please contact the DTS registra @

E-Mail –      ywamttdir@yahoo.com

Call us @ 1868-669-8870/8871


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New YWAM Directors

The James Family, Shamus, Sherry, Sarah, Anna & Lydia have now arrived. Shamus is now the new Trinidad and Tobabo YWAM director. These are exciting days!

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