Our Story

Youth With A Mission Trinidad and Tobago was started here in the year 2000 after many years of planting seeds. People around the world had faith to see Trinidad and Tobago be a nation honoring God and the work here was planted. As you can see from our vision statement our passion is to see youth reaching youth. That is why we are constructing this youth village on 72 acres of land in central Trinidad with all of the exciting things that youth camping involves. Our purpose is to impact the youth with an excitement for following Christ. Trinidad and Tobago is a unique Caribbean Island just off the cost of Venezuela. Our culture is a rich blend of African and East Indian people. Our population is also unique in that almost half of our population is under the age of 24. We also are very religiously diverse ranging from Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. We believe that God has a unique call on the young people of this island to reach the youth this nation and also the nations of the world. Come join us as we impact our world for Christ.